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Dr. Pazios is the director of Embrace Orthodontists (EO) and is a U.S.-trained orthodontist. Dr. Pazios received his Bachelor of Dental Surgery degree from Adelaide University in 1988 and had a successful dental practice for 10 years. Dr. Pazios then pursued his orthodontic training in the U.S., where he received his Master of Science degree in orthodontics from Saint Louis University.

Dr. Pazios has experience in orthodontic treatment for Canberra and surrounding region patients for over 15 years. He also keeps up-to-date with the latest techniques and technology through ongoing education. Dr. Pazios is a member of several professional associations. These include the Australian Society of Orthodontics, Australian Dental Association, and the American Association of Orthodontics.

Dr. Pazios is passionate about creating beautiful smiles and giving his patients the confidence of a natural and healthy smile. Dr. Pazios and the team also believe in providing a level of service beyond expectation and creating a positive orthodontic experience for our patients.

Dr Pazios shares his experience in treating Cleft Palate patients in Canberra

"Cleft palate is a specialised branch of Orthodontics. The Orthodontist normally works in a team consisting of a speech pathologist, ENT surgeon and plastic surgeon. World wide, there are 2 schools of thought on Cleft Palate repair, early or late.

Both Australia and the USA subscribe to early repair of the soft tissue component of the cleft, i.e. lip repair a few months after birth. The child is then monitored to assess speech development, and subsequent hearing, usually yearly. In the mixed dentition phase of treatment, usually around 9-10 years, an assessment is made on whether the cleft arch will need a bone graft. If so, the Orthodontist works with the surgeon, and expands the arch under guidance from the surgeon, and a bone graft, usually from the hip, is placed into the cleft. At around the age of 12-14, full fixed Orthodontic therapy is done, with careful consideration as to how to manage the missing teeth associated with the cleft, and any anterior-posterior jaw discrepancies, that means further surgery of the jaws. This jaw surgery should ideally be undertaken by an Oral Surgeon.

I did my in initial training in St Louis, at theCardinal Glennon childrens hospital. In 2002, I took over from Dr McClaugan at Canberra Hospital in Woden and was part of the only cleft palate team here in Canberra until 2009. Unfortunately, after this the government deemed that there were not enough cleft babies being born in Canberra, so the local team was disbanded and now they fly in a Sydney team once every 2 months for consults only. This is a shame because clefts occur in about 1 in every 900 births regardless of location and socioeconomic status. As a result most parents in Canberra choose to not attend this public programme instead seeking treatment privately.

Whilst at Canberra hospital I gave my time to the hospital on a voluntary basis. In my orthodontic practice I was given authority to sign off for special medicare benefits, so I could legally provide a medicare card to parents of cleft children. This provided families with a medicare rebate for some of the private costs associated with a cleft, orthodontics included. I am still a registered provider for cleft palate patients.

Cleft palate treatment is challenging. Only when one has seen the child from birth to late adolescence can one appreciate the direction and outcome of their treatment. So, with many years one becomes accomplished, sort of like how many finished cases have you really done yourself. Orthodontists should get better with age and time in the field.

If you have a child with a cleft palate, I welcome you to book an initial consultation to discuss your concerns and the best treatment options available for your child"

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