Emergency Care

It’s very rare for an orthodontic emergency to occur. In most cases the issue is minor and can be either managed by you or quickly managed by our team.

It’s important to understand that a loose wire or broken bracket isn’t uncommon and isn’t an emergency but you are welcome to contact us for advice or to arrange an appointment.

Here are some common problems and some simple temporary solutions:


Loose Bracket 

loose_brackets.pngMost of the time, a loose or broken bracket is not urgent and can be fixed at your next scheduled appointment. Call our reception to determine if you need to come in before your next appointment.


Loose Wire 


If your wire comes out of the back tube or bracket, if you feel confident you can use tweezers to carefully thread the wire back through the bracket or tube. If you are unable to do so and you are not in any discomfort, a loose wire can wait to be replaced at your next appointment. However, please call the practice if you are concerned.


Poking Wire 


If a wire is poking into the side of your mouth or your gums, dry the area and place wax on the protusion as instructed in your Banding Talk (after you had your braces on). Chewing sugar free gum can also be used for temporary relief. Call the practice to book an appointment to have the wire trimmed.


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