Retainer Instructions

As you grow older, your teeth will want to move forwards, it's called Mesial Migration. To prevent this, it’s crucial that you maintain your perfect smile by wearing retainers after your braces have been removed. These retainers are worn for 2 years after treatment to give you the best long term stability. After this, you can pop your retainer in every few months to check that nothing has moved.  Bone density and soft tissue change over time so its less expensive to keep an eye on your teeth rather than going back into orthodontic treatment.

In order for your retainers to act effectively, :

  • Wear them as instructed by your Orthodontist
  • Take them out when eating (main meals)
  • Take them out when playing contact sports and when swimming
  • Always store the retainers in their box and away from direct sunlight
  • Clean your retainers regularly, avoiding hot water. You can use Mouth rinse or Sterident to freshen them up
  • Keep them away from dogs
  • Avoid flicking your retainers in and out with your tongue.
  • Wisdom teeth will need to be reviewed before ceasing retainer wear as we want to keep your beautiful smile!
  • If there are any problems, please contact the office immediately

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