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With SureSmile braces, we've turned orthodontic precision into an art. Precision means higher quality results, less treatment time in braces and fewer visits to the Orthodontist. SureSmile is available with clear braces, metal braces and lingual (hidden behind the teeth braces).

What is SureSmile?

With SureSmile, Embrace Orthodontists can design your smile more precisely than ever before. Instead of manually bending wires to move the teeth one-by-one into position, SureSmile uses 3-D technology to help the braces move all your teeth more efficiently and directly into position.

With SureSmile, more teeth are moved at each visit and it’s these more efficient visits that save you time in treatment.


SureSmile® FAQs

How long will I be in treatment?

SureSmile has been clinically proven to achieve  precise and superior results in less time compared to any other type of braces technology. The SureSmile process is centred around the wire that goes into the braces, so all types of braces benefit from this technique.

We will always recommend that you stay in treatment until your teeth reach optimal alignment. This is because the better your top and bottom teeth 'fit' together, the easier it is to maintain oral hygiene and help you keep your teeth for life! Rather than just giving you superficial results, you can achieve real long-term benefits.

SureSmile will speed up any case, simple or complex. For example, a very complex case that would normally take 30 months to finish might finish 9 months earlier at 21 months using SureSmile. It's amazing technology! 

How does robotic wire bending make my treatment more precise?

Instead of your orthodontist bending an archwire by hand using trial and error, as in conventional treatment, SureSmile technology uses robotic hands to precisely bend archwires to the unique prescription that Embrace Orthodontists dictate. It gives our Doctors maximum control of your tooth movement.

How does SureSmile Treatment Planning Software work?

Using SureSmile Treatment Planning Software, Embrace Orthodontists can evaluate treatment options, visualise the desired end result and map the path of tooth movement. The plan moves teeth in the most direct path to the target without the need for multiple adjustments. The software also allows us to digitally evaluate progress during treatment. 

Does SureSmile cost more than conventional braces?

No. At Embrace we do not charge you extra for SureSmile, we want you to get the most accurate result faster, that's why we offer it!

How does the OraScanner work?

The OraScanner is a hand-held device that functions much like a 3-D digital camera, taking pictures of your teeth using flashing white light. The images create a 3-D model in real-time during the scanning procedure. Because the 3D scan produces more information/angles than 2D technology, it avoids the need for multiple 2D scans.

Does the iCAT 3D scanner produce more radiation than conventional 2D X-rays?

No, the good news is it's less than half the radiation of conventional 2D x-rays. In the past you needed two separate 2D films, a total of 0.171mSv in raditation. Now technology is more advanced. With one 14 second sitting and less than half the radiation of conventional radiography (0.08mSv) more information can be gathered and the image quality is expodentially improved.  This detailed information means our orthodontists have an increased accruacy in developing your treatment plan.  

An additional advantage of our iCAT is the ability to adjust the dose based on the age and size of the person being scanned. As you will see in the videolink below, levels of radiation can be further reduced by scanning specific sections of a patients head rather than the entire head and neck.

For more information on the iCAT, please go to the official site below:

Is my Orthodontist still in control of my treatment?

With SureSmile Embrace Orthodontists have even greater control of treatment, thanks to 3-D tools and the accuracy they bring to treatment planning.

Is SureSmile treatment really less painful than traditional orthodontic treatment?

The pain patients experience during orthodontic treatment is a result of changes in pressure caused by adjusting wires, particularly the traditional stainless steel wires. Patients who use SureSmile treatment experience less pain because SureSmile wires are a gentler wire than stainless steel, and fewer adjustments and changes are needed.

Is there a risk of damaging my teeth because they're moving faster? 

SureSmile archwires don't move teeth any faster than conventional archwires. The time difference is assisted by a computerised treatment plan, made possible through 3-D imaging. Your overall treatment is shorter because one SureSmile wire, with many bends, can produce the same amount of movement as several traditional archwires combined.

What are SureSmile Shape Memory Alloy archwires?

Orthodontists have used Shape Memory Alloy in archwires for decades as their gentle initial wires. But until the introduction of SureSmile’s robotic process, they haven't been able to bend these archwires into customised prescriptions because of the extremely high temperature required for bending the alloy. Now with SureSmile, robots hands heat the alloy and bend the archwire into your customised prescription, delivering precise, constant, relatively gentle force,  to move your teeth into their target position.

Embrace Orthodontists – The only provider of SureSmile in the A.C.T and surrounding region.

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