Technology has changed the way we do things... Including the way we straighten teeth!

Technology for your smile has also come a long way. Find out if Invisalign treatment is right for you.

Orthodontics for adults

Have you always wanted straight teeth but thought "it's too late, only kids get their teeth straightened"? Well, things have changed, almost half the patients at Embrace are adults. When you visit us you'll be in the company of other adults who also made the decision to finally improve their smile.

And what's even better is that you missed out on those clunky braces your friends may have had at school!  Technology has improved.  

Why are adults are choosing to have orthodontic treatment?

Orthodontics is no longer all about a mouth cluttered with metal, braces are no longer the only treatment option available. For adults, this means that they have options and don’t necessarily have to have their orthodontic treatment effect their appearance and day to day lives.

Your time is important!

We know you have other commitments. Below is how we help you save time:

  • Adjustment appointments are available from 8am
  • Your appointments are superfast! Gone are the days when the only option was for the Orthodontist to place each bracket onto each tooth individually. At Embrace we have the technology to ensure that Dr Pazios can have your braces accurately prepared before you arrive. This ensures absolute precision and allows us to place braces on an entire row of teeth all at once, saving you time and ensuring the most precise result. 
  • Embrace is one of a small number of practices in Australia to have its own has in-house laboratory that produces all of our retainers and other 'appliances'. This means we can take a mould of your teeth and have your retainer ready within 1-2 days. For those people that travel from outside of the A.C.T, we often turn the products around on the same day to save the patient another trip. If a practice out-sources these products and there is there is a problem with fitting your retainer, you may have to wait until the product has been sent back to the supplier. Having our in-house lab also means that your Orthodontist can work one-on-one with the Technicians to ensure you get the best 'fit'.

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