Orthodontic FAQ

What is an orthodontist?

A specialist orthodontist was originally a dentist, prior to completing an additional three-year degree focused on the diagnosis, prevention and treatment of malocclusions and jaw issues.

What age should my child see an orthodontist?

The recommended age for a child to first see an orthodontist is 7 years. Embrace can identify any developmental issues and when necessary will recommend preventative treatment in order to isolate any orthodontic issues early and reduce the time in braces that may be needed later on.

Do I need a referral to see an orthodontist?

No, you do not need a referral to visit a specialist orthodontist.

What treatment options are available?

Lingual braces (hidden behind the teeth), Clear and metal braces (front of teeth) and Invisalign

If I have fixed braces on the front of my teeth, will I have bracket marks when the braces come off?

This can usally be avoided. If plaque builds up around the brackets (the metal or ceramic squares that are fixed to the teeth) then the acid in the plaque dissolves the minerals in the tooth enamel, causing bracket marks on the teeth. This can be avoided by using the correct brushing technique.  Our hygenists will give you a training session after your braces have been placed and will closely monitor your oral hygeine during treatment.  And by the way, you also get a new Electric Toothbrush when you start treatment. So your training session will be with the actual toothbrush you will be using to take care of your teeth.

Is my treatment covered by private health insurance?

Every health fund is different and your level of cover will determine the rebate you receive. Embrace Orthodontists is required to adhere to the Australian Dental Association Guidelines and their Item Numbers are below:

Initial Consultation Item no. 011

Braces Item no. 881

Invisalign Item no. 825 x 2. (This includes aligners for both the top and bottom teeth. Please note that some health funds will require this item number for each appointment so that you are able to receive a rebate comparable to braces.)

We advise that you speak to your health fund directly about your particular rebate and we will always give you any assistance you need to help you through this process.


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