Two Phase Treatment

What is two phase treatment?

This specialised process combines teeth-straightening with physical and facial changes. The main reason that people opt for two phase treatment is to maximise the results and achieve look that will remain stable throughout your life.

Phase 1 – Foundation

Phase 1 is all about allowing the jaw to develop and improving the way that the jaw aligns. This works especially well for children because early stage detection can save time and money on treatment in the future.

Before phase 2 can occur the mouth needs to rest and be monitored by your orthodontist to determine the start date of phase 2.

Phase 2 – Treatment and maintenance

This stage ensures that every tooth has an exact location in the mouth. In order for this to be achieved full upper and lower braces are usually fitted and remain for an average of 12 months.

After the patient has their braces removed, then a retainer will be worn to maintain their new smile!

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