Meet the Baddies

Just like our Orthodontists, Pearl White has seen a lot of naughty teeth in her time. Pearl is all about bringing those scoundrels to your attention and reminding us all that Embrace are just the people to pull them into line.

Pushy just can’t help himself. He is one of those types that pushes in and disrupts an already crowded mouth. The Embrace team know exactly how to deal with troublemakers like Pushy.

Lefty has real trouble going straight. He’ll lean on other teeth and the longer he’s allowed to do this the more he’s able to persuade other teeth to go along with him. Fortunately, Lefty is no match for the Embrace team.

If ever there was a cunning character it's Wisdom. He can lay quiet for years, then all of a sudden he wants to pressure everyone and become the centre of attention. Its all to no avail though, because no matter what the pressure Wisdom applies, he is always outsmarted by the Embrace team.

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