Before and Afters

The below before and after braces photos are actual patients of Embrace Orthodontists in Canberra A.C.T. Individual results do vary. See if you can match your smile with a before picture below. If you can't find a close match, let us know in your appointment and we will be happy to provide you with some more example before and after photos so that you can see what your future smile can look like after treatment.

  • Orthodontic treatment before and after
  • Taylah_Ladd.jpg
  • christina.jpg
  • Zena_Wolba_1-edit3.jpg
  • beforeafter16.jpg
  • beforeafter15.jpg
  • beforeafter-13.jpg
  • beforeafter-12.jpg
  • beforeafter-3.jpg
  • beforeafter-3-1.jpg
  • beforeafter-2.jpg
  • beforeafter-1-1.jpg
  • beforeafter-1.jpg
  • beforeafter2-3.jpg
  • beforeafter2-1a-1.jpg
  • beforeafter2-2a.jpg
  • beforafternewsidein32.jpg
  • beforafternewsidein.jpg
  • beforafternewsidein2.jpg
  • Treatment still in progress

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