Six Month Braces - The Truth

How do Express braces, 6 Month Braces, Fast Braces and Magic Braces differ from regular braces?

The better your bottom and top teeth fit together, the higher the chance of avoiding dentures and implants in the future. Fast Braces and Six Month Braces are only suitable for simple tooth alignment and are unable to address bite issues. In other words, they cannot correct an overbite or underbite. A short-term treatment that does not address these issues may not be able to minimise the chance of wear and tear and gum disease/tooth loss when you are older.

What's the fastest way to straighten teeth?

Its very rare that it will take only 6 months to correct a person's bite. Teeth can only move at a certain speed, there is a biological limit. Rapid tooth movement, moving them expressly, places your teeth at serious risk of irreparable damage. 

What are Express braces, Six Month Braces, Fast Braces and Magic Braces?

Fast Braces, 6 Month Braces, etc are mechanically the same as conventional braces. In other words, they move the teeth in the same way that conventional braces always have. 

How will I know what my teeth will look like at the end of treatment?

At Embrace we will finish your treatment when your perfect result has been achieved.  It's as simple as that. Check out some of our before and after photos where you can find past patients who may have started with a similar tooth alignment problem as you.

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