iTero Scanner

What is iTero? The iTero is a wand–shaped digital camera that scans your teeth by taking thousands of photographs and lacing them together to create a highly accurate 3D image of your teeth. 

What will your final smile look like? With outcome simulator software, iTero shows you how your teeth may straighten over the course of treatment 

Shorter treatment time.  The old method of taking a mould of your teeth meant that the mould needed to be sent overseas for processing and your Invisalign aligners could take up to 8 weeks to arrive. With our new iTero scanner, your 3D digital model is uploaded to Invisalign instantly and your aligners could arrive in little as two weeks, so you’ll get started on your new smile sooner. 

Increased accuracy iTero helps Embrace Orthodontists treat more difficult Invisalign cases because of the accuracy of the scan. It beats the old method of the plaster moulds as it enables the Invisalign aligners to fit more precisely on your teeth -  resulting in more precise tooth movement. 

Safe. Because the iTero uses digital technology to photograph your teeth, it doesn’t require any radiation to produce the 3D image. 

Embrace is the only orthodontic practice in Canberra with ITERO technology.

  • iTero scanner
  • iTero scanner
  • iTero scanner

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