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The treatment process at Embrace

Starting orthodontic treatment is a big life choice, and we want you to be informed in your decision to straighten your smile with us. Learn what happens during every step of the orthodontic treatment journey - so you can take that step with confidence.

The initial consultation

Every orthodontic appointment is important, but the new patient assessment is of particular importance. When you come for your first consultation in Manuka or Belconnen, we hope it will be the foundation of a long and rewarding relationship.

Your initial appointment begins with us taking a set of photos and x-rays of your smile, immediately followed by a consultation with your Specialist Orthodontist. The discussion will cover your possible treatment plan, including the length and cost of treatment.

The appointment is 50 minutes long, and it is important that a parent or guardian attends with you if you are under the age of 18. This is a no-obligation appointment, and it’s possible we will recommend that you wait to begin orthodontic treatment.

The treatment process

Beginning treatment

Once everyone has decided to move forward with treatment, we will need to take a mould or digital scan of your teeth and jaws to create your custom treatment plan.

We will then schedule a fitting appointment to fix braces to your smile, or give you the first few sets of your Invisalign® clear aligners. We will take the time during this appointment to show you how to care for your new appliance. This appointment is approximately one hour long.

The treatment process

Regular appointments and adjustments

During treatment, you will come in for regular check-ups and adjustments to make sure your treatment progresses as planned. Your adjustment appointments are usually scheduled every 6-8 weeks and generally take between 5-15 minutes.

The treatment process

Removing your appliance

Once your teeth are in alignment, we will plan an appointment for the removal of your device. We will also take moulds of your smile to create custom retainers for you.

The treatment process

Retention and after care

Once your retainers are ready, we will fit them and provide instructions on how you need to wear them. At this appointment we will also take your final set of photos so you can see your smile’s transformation. It’s an exciting moment!

We’ll schedule regular appointments to ensure your retainers fit correctly. We ask that you bring your retainers to every appointment so your Specialist Orthodontist can check your progress. Eventually, you’ll move to night-time wear only, and can enjoy your beautiful new smile all day!

The treatment process

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The treatment process

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