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Clear braces

Clear braces give you one more reason to smile. These braces are made of translucent ceramic material that blends in with the natural colour of your teeth. This makes them an incredibly discreet braces option.

How do clear braces work?

Clear braces work that same way as traditional metal braces. They use the same archwires and elastics - and provide an aesthetically pleasing clear bracket option. The clear brackets are stain-resistant and low-profile, so they will maintain their discretion throughout your treatment.

Clear braces

Can I have clear braces?

Clear braces are a wonderful option for all ages and treatment complexities. But depending on your bite, we may recommend a mix of both clear and metal braces.

Because of the tensile strength of ceramic material, if your upper teeth contact the lower ceramic brackets when you bite, the potential for wear on those teeth is high. In that case, we would recommend metal braces for your bottom teeth only.

Clear braces

Are clear braces more expensive?

At Embrace, we do not charge you any extra for discreet clear braces. You are free to choose between metal and ceramic clear brackets without worrying for one second about a difference in price.

Clear braces

Can I still choose colours with my clear braces?

Even though the brackets are clear, you can still enjoy coloured elastics if you so choose. Check out all the fun colours available for your braces! And, of course, we have clear elastics too for a more seamless smile during treatment.

Clear braces

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Clear braces

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