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Orthodontic tips and tricks

The success of your treatment depends on your cooperation. As such, here are some tips you can follow at home to get the most out of your treatment with us.

Our favourite tips and tricks for treatment

  • Use wax for discomfort - Some individuals are prone to mouth ulcers, and others are not. If you find that your braces are causing some discomfort or irritation to your mouth, use the silicon wax given to you by our team. When placing the wax over the bracket, ensure you dry the area thoroughly with a tissue to help the wax stick.
  • Try plaque disclosing tablets - For a few weeks after your braces go on, use plaque disclosing tablets to check how well you are brushing and whether there are areas that you may be missing.
  • Use an electric toothbrush - Electric toothbrushes offer superior cleaning and up to twice the plaque removal of manual toothbrushes. Angle your electric toothbrush to ensure contact with the gum line and brackets and let the oscillating head do the work.
  • Smooth down your aligners - If the edge of your Invisalign® aligner is rough and irritating, you can gently file it with a nail file. Just remember that creases, bumps and ridges in your aligners are necessary for proper results - so don’t file those off!
  • Be prepared - Keep a small bag with a toothbrush, toothpaste, floss/interdental brushes, wax, lip balm and elastics (if applicable) with you in your handbag/school bag/work bag.

Tips and tricks

  • Clean your retainers well - Brush your retainers with a soft toothbrush and mild soap and water every time you remove them, or soak them in a 50:50 solution of white vinegar and lukewarm water before cleaning if they start to smell.
  • Be on time for appointments - Missed appointments prolong treatment time. Remember to arrive on time and bring your headgear, appliances or retainers with you, even if you only wear them at night.
  • Be careful what you eat - Avoid hard, sticky, or chewy foods, and fizzy soft drinks. The best method to eat most food is to cut it up into small pieces and avoid using your front teeth to bite into things.
  • Use your elastics properly - Wear your elastics all the time except when brushing your teeth, unless instructed otherwise. You should change your elastics once a day, and carry spares with you at all times in case one of them breaks.
  • Continue your regular dental appointments - It’s even more important than usual to see the dentist during treatment. Please keep your regular six-monthly check-ups and cleanings, especially when wearing braces.
  • Work through your discomfort - Many patients find that their mouths are quite tender for the first few days after fitting and adjustment appointments. This discomfort will go away more quickly if you use your teeth. We recommend chewing sugarless gum, and taking over-the-counter pain relief like panadol in the meantime.
  • Maintain proper oral hygiene - At Embrace Orthodontists we are dedicated to ongoing support and education of our patients regarding their oral hygiene. When braces are placed we will spend time discussing the best brushing and flossing techniques in detail.

Tips and tricks

Taking care of your child's oral hygiene

Many of our patients attend their appointments without a parent. For this reason, we have a system to keep parents informed on their child’s oral hygiene. At each appointment our patients will be given an oral hygiene rating.

Our ratings are 1) Excellent 2) Good 3) Satisfactory, and 4) Unsatisfactory

If a patient receives an ‘Unsatisfactory’ rating at a visit, the hygienist will go over their tooth brushing technique. If oral hygiene is repeatedly rated as ‘Unsatisfactory’ then the orthodontic wires may be removed to enable easier brushing until hygiene is restored.

There is no additional charge to parents for lengthened treatment time due to poor oral hygiene. We are only doing our best to ensure that the new smile will not be disfigured by unsightly marks or cavities.

Tips and tricks

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Tips and tricks

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