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Foods to Avoid with Braces 

Foods to Avoid with Braces

This list of foods is only a guide. You may find there are several other foods that you must avoid eating while having orthodontic treatment


Avoid eating these foods while wearing braces: 

  • Muesli bars and all other hard, sticky snack bars like LCM’s and rollups
  • Nuts (all nuts)
  • Lollies (all lollies)
  • Muesli and crunchy cereal (e.g. Nutrigrain)
    • To make sure it’s not crunchy, soak it longer than usual in milk.
  • Crust on hard bread (e.g. Italian bread), toast and pizza
    • Just eat the soft part of the bread, toast and pizza
  • Biscuits (e.g. tim tams, gingernuts, anzac biscuits and vita wheats)
    • Only eat biscuits if you are dipping them into a hot drink. Otherwise they are too hard for the braces.
  • Corn chips
  • Tacos - these bigger chips can break the braces
  • Pork crackling
  • Popcorn - be aware of any unpopped kernels
  • Hard chocolate - chocolate must be soft
    • Simply zap the chocolate in the microwave or leave it out in the sun until it softens

Avoid biting into these foods while wearing braces:  

  • Fruit and raw vegetables (e.g. apple and raw carrot)
    • These are both hard and crunchy, so cut these foods in small pieces or grate them. Then you can just chew without needing to bite into the food.
  • Stone fruits (e.g. peaches)
    • The flesh of these fruits is usually soft, but the stone isn’t so cut these fruits up into small pieces to avoid biting into the stone
    • Bonus – you won’t get the flesh of the peach stuck between your front teeth!
  • Fruit with Seeds or Pips (e.g. mandarin, watermelon and olives)
    • Take care when eating these sorts of fruits, as you can’t always find all of the pips or seeds
  • Meat on the bone (e.g. chicken wings and T-bone steaks)
    • You could accidentally contact the bone with your braces if you gnaw on the bones, so simply cut the meat off the bone to avoid this happening
  • Corn on the cob
    • Cut the corn kernels off the cob to avoid biting into the cob
  • Ice blocks, ice creams and ice cubes - just suck on these  

Please notify our team of any breakages in advance of your appointment, so that we are able to adjust the time necessary to re-bond your bracket.

Oral Hygiene

At Embrace Orthodontists we are dedicated to ongoing support and education of our patients regarding their oral hygiene. 

When braces are placed we will spend time with each patient discussing in detail the best tooth brushing technique for braces and teeth. 

Many of our patients attend some of their regular appointments without a parent. For this reason we have a system in place to keep parents informed if there is a problem with tooth brushing and oral hygiene. We have dental hygienists working in conjunction with our orthodontists. 

At each appointment our patients will be given an oral hygiene rating.

Our ratings are 1) Excellent 2) Good 3) Satisfactory, and 4) Unsatisfactory

If a patient receives an “Unsatisfactory” rating at a visit, the hygienist will go over their tooth brushing technique. If oral hygiene is repeatedly rated as “Unsatisfactory” at several appointments then the orthodontic wires may be removed to enable easier brushing. 

When the standard is deemed acceptable by our hygienists in order to ensure that no permanent and irreversible damage is being done then the hygienist will arrange for the orthodontic wires to be replaced and for treatment to recommence. Removing the orthodontic wires does make brushing easier but it does result in additional time that the patient will be in treatment. It can be a great incentive to patients to keep their teeth clean once they have been made aware of the consequences. 

No one wants to unnecessarily extend his or her treatment time. There is no additional charge to parents for any additional treatment time due to poor oral hygiene. We are only doing our best to ensure that the new smile will not be disfigured by unsightly marks or cavities. But in the end, it’s up to you to brush your teeth properly; no one else can do it for you!






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