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6 Reasons to Choose Embrace for your orthodontic treatment

  1. Embrace is the only Platinum Elite Provider of Invisalign® in Canberra A.C.T and surrounding region. We are amongst the most experience providers of Invisialign in Australia.  And that experience is a huge benefit to our patients.

  2. Embrace is the only SureSmile braces provider in Canberra, enabling us to reduce your time in braces by up to 30%

  3. Embrace can combine Lingual Braces (hidden behind the teeth) with our SureSmile technology, making your hidden treatment faster

  4. We have our own in-house laboratory technicians that make your retainers with a 1-2 day turn around and under the complete guidance of your Orthodontist, ensuring a perfect fit!

  5. At EO, we offer up to 36 months interest free regardless of how short your treatment is

  6. Whether it's no braces, hidden braces or clear braces, we'll make sure you get the most amazing smile possible.

Platinum2013.jpgBreak out the champagne, Align Technology has recognised our dedication to treating patients with Invisalign and have awarded us Invisalign Platinum Elite status! Invisalign practitioners are awarded Platinum Elite status for treating more than 82 Invisalign patients per year. We are proud to be the most experienced Invisalign Providers in Canberra. Get a better smile, book your consultation today

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